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Kim A. Martin


Patent #5,951,386 - Manual sharpening of darts is not very effective. "Slydart" solves the problem. Portable and compact enough to fit in a pocket and most dart cases, it has a self-contained power source which makes it very easy to use. "Slydart" is equipped with two caps: one has three differently angled holes which allows the user to put different degrees of angle on the dart tip, and the other cap has a single hole to de-bur the dart.

The working model has been tested extensively and proves to be effective and durable.


Steel tip darter Kim Martin, from Delray Beach, Florida is a serious darter. He found the conventional way of sharpening darts had its limitations so he invented a new way to get the job done. The Slydart, a patented battery powered electric dart sharpener! Martin is convinced its portability (its about the size of a pocket flashlight) and its ease will make Slydart a standard accessory for all steel tip darters. Slydart incorporates several features not found in other sharpening devices. Most important is its
self -contained power source, making it usable anywhere.

It's small and portable, sized to fit into a pocket or dart case. Slydart is versatile. It quickly sharpens darts with one of two precise angles, and efficiently de-burs darts in just a few seconds.
To gain additional information about Slydart, visit Kim's web site at:


December 22, 1999

Kim Martin of Delray Beach is a serious dart player.
"As sharp kitchen knives are important to a serious cook, sharp darts are important to the serious darter". he said.
When Martin found conventional dart sharpeners had limitations, he invented a new one - a battery powered device he calls Slydart. He has patented his sharpener.
Darters in Boca Raton and Delray Beach have tested and applaud his device.
Martin is convinced its portability - its about the size of a pocket flashlight - and its ease of use will make Slydart a standard accessory for darters everywhere.