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Subject: Slydart
November 19, 1999


Games of precision require equipment tuned for accuracy. Serious dart players like Kim Martin of Delray Beach, Florida, know that sharp darts enhance their games and scores. To that end, Martin has invented a greatly improved sharpening device that he calls Slydart™. The US. Patent and Trademark Office recently informed Martin that his Slydart™ has been granted a US. utility patent. The patent is a 20 year government grant to the inventor for the exclusive right to use, manufacture and sell the device in the United States and its possessions. Martin's prototype has proven to be far superior to conventional sharpeners and is popular with darters in the Boca Raton area.

Slydart™ incorporates several features not available in other sharpening devices.
Most important is its self-contained power source, making it usable anywhere.
It's small and portable, sized to fit into a pocket or dart case. Also, Slydart™ is versatile. It quickly sharpens darts with one of two precise angles, and efficiently
de-burs darts in just a few seconds. The portability and superior performance will make Slydart™ a standard accessory for dart throwers.